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Monthly workouts so you can dance yourself fit like the stars

Q & A's interviews, lifestyle, fitness and beauty advice from Natalie Lowe, Ian Waite and Mark Foster in the celebrity corner

Professional dance techniques and exercises from two of Strictly's favourite dancers

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This unique subscription allows you to sample all of the best bits of FitSteps and more. You will be receiving, each month, messages from Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe on technique to ensure you make the most out of the workouts provided and can truly learn to dance like them whilst obtaining fantastic physical and mental results.

Not only do you receive the workouts and the techniques but also Mark Foster, 5x World Champion swimmer will provide you with tips to give you a zest for life and aid sustainable lifestyle changes.

The advice you want and the results you have always dreamt of!

Your monthly ingredients to great results

FitSteps Workouts;

FitSteps Original

FitSteps Original workouts feature all of your favourite dances from the Strictly dance floor such as the Waltz, Cha Cha, Paso Doble and American Smooth. You can burn up to 500 calories in a 30 minute class! So get ready to quickstep your way to fitness with FitSteps original.

FitSteps FAB

FitSteps FAB (For All Bodies) has a beautiful elegant feel to the dances and routines. You will enjoy the Bossa Nova, Swing Jive and Charleston (to name a few). FAB is a slightly lower intensity and easier to follow & will give amazing results!

FitSteps Extreme

FitSteps Extreme classes are toning classes guaranteed to shape your body throughout. With shorter and easier to follow choreography, you will target all parts of the your body to improve your overall fitness and body shape.

This style of HIT Training is scientifically proven to provide you with the fastest results possible.

Ian and Natalie's Celebrity Corner

Monthly dance tips, exercises and techniques along with lifestyle, beauty, fashion and fitness advice from both Ian and Natalie. Q & A's and fun facts from the stars.

Mark Foster's Guide to Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

Regarded as Britain's most successful swimmer, Mark certainly knows a thing or two about fitness and each month he will share with you tips, guides and recipes for achieving a healthier more sustainable lifestyle.

Your Instructor's for FitSteps LIFE

Natalie, Ian and Mark
Natalie, Ian and Mark

FitSteps® came to life in 2013 as the result of a collaboration between two of the UK’s most famous ballroom dancers and Britain’s most successful swimmer!

During the long, arduous dance training sessions that are an integral part of Britain’s most successful entertainment show, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, Natalie Lowe, Mark Foster and Ian Waite had a great idea.

They decided to mix the graceful steps of Ballroom and the up tempo steps of the Latin dances together to create a really fun, energetic and effective way to stay fit and keep trim that would appeal to everyone, even if they couldn’t dance. They created FitSteps® - the unique dance fitness programme that is ‘so much fun you don’t even realise you’re getting fit!’

It is the first time that classic Latin and Ballroom dances have been brought together with proven fitness techniques and principles to create not only a programme that can have extraordinarily wide appeal, but one that also has the potential to make a real and lasting impact on the health of the nation.

The important point to note is the distinction between the plethora of dance classes that exist and FitSteps®. FitSteps® is a fitness class, delivered through dance. So, our emphasis is on helping people towards fitness; structuring the classes to deliver real, measurable, fitness results.

The programme is based around twelve of the most popular Latin and Ballroom dances. Each dance genre has specific steps matched to it.Our instructors are able to deliver these steps in varying degrees of intensity, adjusting the level of effort needed to accommodate the varying levels of fitness that could be found in any mixed ability class. This makes FitSteps® classes suitable and achievable for everyone, no matter what age, gender or previous experience. We’re proud to say that we have had people from the age of 9 to 74 participating in classes across the UK, all of whom loved the experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get new monthly content?
The course will start as soon as you join as a subscriber. You will then receive your next month 30 days later, and each month will become available on a 30 day cycle. As long as you remain a subscriber, you will have lifetime access to all of the content that is provided.
What if I want to cancel?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you wish to cancel at any time you must give one months notice in writing to support@fitsteps.co.uk and we will then cancel this for you on an agreed date.
Who is this Subscription for?
It is for anyone who wants to learn to dance, get fit and have fun doing it! Whether you are new to FitSteps or having been attending classes for a while, this course is for you. From beginner to advanced, this will suit all, if you are unsure then let us know any questions and we will be happy to help. You can email us at support@fitsteps.co.uk

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